We have several special guests who will be attending the weekend to encourage and challenge your Christian walk. Attendance at these events is optional….but why would you want to miss it!!

Michael and Debi Pearl

Michael has been a pastor, missionary, and evangelist for over 40 years. The Pearls' five children were all homeschooled, and have grown up to become missionaries and church leaders. Though holding a degree from the Mid-South Bible College (now Victory University), when Michael is asked for his credentials on child training he points to his five children.

No Greater Joy

The Plath Family

Barry and Kim Plath were married in July of ’97. Kim was a music major at FSU and has taught their nine children to play a variety of instruments. Their band consists of all eleven members of the family. With a fiddle player that has been called "better than Charlie Daniels," a ragtime/jazz style piano player, beautiful four part family harmonies and more, they keep audiences tapping their toes and smiling. Usually the little ones steal the show - the three year old can strap a mandolin on, tap her toe to the music, strum and sing along. It doesn't get any cuter than that!

The Plath Family Band

Dr. Kent Hovind

Kent Hovind's keen interest in math and science throughout his high school career prompted his enrollment at Illinois Central College as a science major. While researching and writing his doctoral dissertation on the subject of creation vs. evolution, he saw the tremendous need for exposing evolution as a dangerous, religious worldview, and for arming Christians with scientific evidence that there are no contradictions between true science and the Bible. In response to these needs he began a full-time ministry of presenting the foundational truth of creation and the utter fallacy of evolution with a mission of strengthening the faith of believers and winning the lost to Christ.

2 Peter 3