Is there a schedule of the activities planned for the weekend?

Yes, the schedule can be found on the Registration page.

Is this a No Greater Joy event?

No, but Michael and Debi Pearl will be speaking. This shindig was started in response to the Pearls realization of a need for fellowship with like-minded Christians. If you enjoy the teachings of the Pearls the shindig is a great place to meet other like-minded families!

Who will attend?

Christian families and singles from across North America. The Shindig is a great opportunity to fellowship, build connections and friendships, and be encouraged and edified in the Lord by other like-minded families!

How many people will be there?

We are predicting a minimum 500 people.

Will singles be there?

Yes. We are expecting many singles to attended. There are bunkhouses reserved for singles and there will also be activities specifically for singles.

Can we bring our own food?

Yes. You don’t have to buy meals from the camp and are welcomed to bring your own food.

Is there a place to prepare food?

Yes. There are several kitchens throughout the campground that can be used.

It’s too far for me to drive. Can I fly?

Yes. George Bush Intercontinental Airport is about an hour and a half a way from the camp.

Are accommodations still available?

Please contact Leah Powers for availability.

What is the Dessert Bake Off?

Dessert Bake off will be held Saturday at 11am at the Lakeside Building. Girls ages 13-17 will enter a dessert of any sort to be judged by a panel of 10 boys within the same age group. A portion of the dessert will need to be cut into 10 separate sample size pieces for judging. The remainder of desserts will be served with the potluck meal that evening at Lakeside. Judging will be based off of taste and presentation. (Optional event)

What is the Lunch Auction?

Young adult girls, ages 18 and up, can prepare a picnic style lunch for two. Young men of the same ages will purchase these picnic lunches by auction not knowing who has prepared them. Couples will then have a picnic with each other during the family picnic at Lakeside. Proceeds will be donated to a charity to be announced at the auction. (Optional event)

What is the Market?

There will be a limited amount of tables set up at the Tabernacle that can be purchased for $25 for selling items of your choice. The building will be open during each morning and evening speaking times. (9am, and 7pm) There will be time before and after for selling and or purchasing.

Can we stay at the camp after the shindig?

Unfortunately you cannot make reservations to stay at the camp before or after the shindig.